Friday, May 7, 2010

PREPPER GEAR - The PZ Fire Starter Kit

Never be without the means to start a fire again. The PZ Firesteels are a special mixture of iron and cerium metals known as "ferrocerium". Our rods give off a shower of 5500 degree F sparks (3000 degrees C) when scraped by a hard angular object such as the blade of a knife. The PZ Fireteel is a very easy to use fire starter that works even when wet. Just one PZ FireSteel can make thousands of fires.
In our PZ Fire Starter Kit we include a 3 x 1/4 PZ Firesteel Rod, our special hardened steel alloy striker, my special blend of fire starting fuel and a para-cord lanyard (not-shown) to hold your PZ Firesteel and striker.
I am also including our instructional DVD teaching you how to use the PZ Firesteel to light a fast and effective fire.
Knowing that not only is it important to have fire, it is also important to carry a knife that can help you get a fire going in an emergency. That is why I am also including this 2 2/4 folder lock blade with thumb knot to help open the blade quickly with one hand. This is a 1/4 strait - 3/4 serrated blade. This knife also has a butt-end hole so you can add the knife to your lanyard. (not shown)

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  1. Thanks Ray! Awesome item. Thank you for selling these. These will make great gifts for a couple of birthdays I have coming up.