Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is on your Every Day Carry list

E.D.C = Every Day Carry.
These are the items that we carry with us every day in case of situations taking place. 
For example, My everyday carry consists of my 5.11 tactical folding lockblade knife, an enexpensive multi-tool by Ozark Trail and a mini-mag flashlight. 
If I only take one item, I always take my knife, which I keep razor sharp.
I am interested in what you all carry for your E.D.C.
Post a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sears and Kmart to offer cash-for-gold service - Did You Miss This?

Yesterday I sent out an article to the PZ Insiders and I am not sure that people understood the gravity of what that article was proposing.
What was the article?
Sears and Kmart to offer cash-for-gold service.
Folks, when I saw this my heart skipped a beat. I had to ask myself "are we further along than what I first thought?"
By this, I mean, are we further down the road to a major economic catastrophe than where I believed us to be.
I hate to say this, but I believe we are.
In studying other countries that went belly up, the "gold buyers" started to pop up.
They clearly read the writing on the wall and they were working hard to grab up as many gold assets as possible with the knowledge that both gold and silver were going to go through the roof.
Well fast forward to today and we see Kmart and Sears stepping up to the plate. Both of these companies are not doing well, but they know that if they are able to secure gold and silver assets, that these assets will help them dig their way out of where they are right now.
We are currently in the beginnings of the economic catastrophe, the masses just don't realize it yet. But I was surprised to see how far down the road we already are.
If I were you, I would take from Kmart and Sears lead and start acquiring gold and silver assets.
In Fact here is a great tip, start saving your nickles. Here is an excellent article by James Rawles as to why.

Mass Inflation Ahead

Save Your Nickels!

.In His Service,
Sears and Kmart to offer cash-for-gold service

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD.O), which expanded its layaway program to help cash-strapped consumers pay for purchases during the recession, is now helping its customers exchange their jewelry for cash as gold prices soar.
The new service, available at the jewelry departments of Sears and Kmart stores, allows customers to send their gold and silver items to Pro Gold Network, a company that buys precious metals from consumers.
Pro Gold makes an offer on the gold or silver and the consumer can choose to accept the offer or have the items returned, free of charge, Sears said.
Sears provides the shipping envelop and also helps consumers track the items via websites or a toll-free customer service number.
Sears has seen sales pressured over the past two years by the weak economy and has also lost sales to discounters like Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) and electronics retailers like Best Buy Co Inc (BBY.N). The company did say, however, that sales improved in the first quarter.
In 2008, it expanded its layaway program as a way to help cash-strapped consumers pay for goods.
Advertising from companies offering gold recycling services had reached a fever pitch in late 2008 due to a global economic crisis, as the price of gold climbed above $1,000 an ounce in a flight to safety.
Last week, gold has soared to record highs at just below $1,250 an ounce as jittery investors fretted over sovereign risks and inflation.
Bullion is still far away from its inflation-adjusted record at over $2,200, analysts said. In 2001, gold was trading at just $250 an ounce.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The PZ Firesteel - See It In Action

Never be without the means to start a fire again. The PZ Firesteels are a special mixture of iron and cerium metals known as "ferrocerium". Our rods give off a shower of 5500 degree F sparks (3000 degrees C) when scraped by a hard angular object such as the blade of a knife. The PZ Fireteel is a very easy to use fire starter that works even when wet. Just one PZ FireSteel can make thousands of fires.
In our PZ Fire Starter Kit we include a 3 x 1/4 PZ Firesteel Rod, our special hardened steel alloy striker, my special blend of fire starting fuel and a para-cord lanyard (not-shown) to hold your PZ Firesteel and striker.
The video above is taken from our instructional DVD teaching you how to use the PZ Firesteel to light a fast and effective fires.
 Get a PZ Firesteel Fire Making Kit -

Friday, May 14, 2010

Craigslist Diamond Ring Ad Leads to Father's Murder in Home Invasion

TACOMA, Wash. (CBS/AP) Four suspects are charged in a fatal home-invasion robbery linked to a Craigslist ad, according to Washington State officials. James Sanders, of the Pierce County community of Edgewood, Wash., was fatally shot on April 28 trying to defend his home from robbers who showed up on the pretext of purchasing a diamond ring he had advertised on the online classified site.

Sanders' wife, Charlene, told reporters last week how the people who pretended to be interested in buying a ring, robbed and beat her family and shot her husband.

"I had a gun to the back of my head with a countdown - three, two - and I'm just screaming and my kids are standing there, and I'm saying, please, God, don't let them kill me, don't let them kill my kids," she said.

She said her husband was shot trying to protect her 14-year-old son who was being pistol-whipped. James Sanders died in his wife's arms.

"I just kept saying 'honey please stay with me, stay with me, stay with us, don't go, don't go,' and he was just barely gasping for air," she said. "They took the love of my live."

(The full article is below)


In my article "Crisis Meltdown Greece - Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves" I talk about how this nation is already in the throws of a financial crisis. With that, I also mention the rise of crime, but not only that, but crime will become more violent.  

This is an example of what I mean regarding people not understanding how things are changing.

Not only are many of  us students of Bible Prophecy, we are watchmen on the wall.

Scripture tells us that in the last days man's natural affection will wain. That is exactly what we are seeing today.

We need to be more alert to our environment. We can’t afford to be so naive to our surroundings any longer.

This also screams as to why one needs to have a weapon to protect one's family and home.

What Should Have Happened...

First point - He should have also had a a firearm at the ready at the very beginning while answering the door. 

Looking through the peep hole and giving instructions to the youth. The home owner should have only let one in and have the others wait at a safe distance even before opening the door.

If they would have refused or not backed up at a safe distance, I would not have opened the door and I would have called the police, all the while having a firearm at the ready. 

If I had let in one of the youths, I would have had a firearm within inches and would have fired at the first sign of danger. 

Letting four youths into my home to look at a diamond ring should have also been the first tip, but the home owner let his guard down because he was in his own home.

The best scenario would have been for the seller to have met the buyer in a very public place like Starbucks or McDonald's. The seller should ask for a description of the buyers vehicle and a description of the buyer himself without telling the buyer what he, the seller, looks like nor what he drives.

I also endorse having a Carry and Conceal license if your state allows it. This way the seller would have kept his family and home out of danger as well as been able to protect himself by having a licensed firearm. 

The seller should sit by a window near the counter so he can see the buyer's vehicle or the best possible view of the parking area. This way the seller can see how many people were occupying  the vehicle. 

The buyer does not know who the seller is nor what the seller looks like, so the seller could blend in with the crowd if he suspected something. 

Four youths in a vehicle should have caused suspicion and he (the seller) could have gotten up and walked out as the "buyer" was walking in and the seller would have never been noticed. He could have been in his vehicle and out of the area before the buyer put two and two together.

This is how situations like this should be handled when selling something of  value on Craig's List, Classifieds, ect.

Folks, the world is changing before our eyes and people are not realizing it. They still believe that we live in the days of "Leave it to Beaver." Crime is on a rise and it will only get worse. The sad thing about this situation, is that man of the house allowed he and his family to be victims. He paid the ultimate price for that grievous mistake. My prayers are with the family, and pray that these predators are given the death sentence for their heinous crime they committed.  

We often hear Christ quoted saying "turn the other cheek" but barely do we hear...
Luke 22:36 (KJV)  Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
Thanks to Fernando (Ferfal) for sharing this with me.

In His Service,


Craigslist Diamond Ring Ad Leads to Father's Murder in Home Invasion, Say Wash. State Cops
TACOMA, Wash. (CBS/AP) Four suspects are charged in a fatal home-invasion robbery linked to a Craigslist ad, according to Washington State officials. James Sanders, of the Pierce County community of Edgewood, Wash., was fatally shot on April 28 trying to defend his home from robbers who showed up on the pretext of purchasing a diamond ring he had advertised on the online classified site.

Sanders' wife, Charlene, told reporters last week how the people who pretended to be interested in buying a ring, robbed and beat her family and shot her husband.  

"I had a gun to the back of my head with a countdown - three, two - and I'm just screaming and my kids are standing there, and I'm saying, please, God, don't let them kill me, don't let them kill my kids," she said.

She said her husband was shot trying to protect her 14-year-old son who was being pistol-whipped. James Sanders died in his wife's arms.

"I just kept saying 'honey please stay with me, stay with me, stay with us, don't go, don't go,' and he was just barely gasping for air," she said. "They took the love of my live." 

Three of the suspects Kiyoshi A. Higashi, 22, and Joshua N. Reese, 20, both of Tacoma, along with Amanda C. Knight, 21, of Sumner, were arrested on May 1 during a traffic stop in California. 

Officials say the fourth suspect, Clabon Berniard, 23, turned himself in to authorities on Thursday after being sought on a nationwide arrest warrant. 

Investigators say they believe the people responsible for Sanders' death are also responsible for an April 25 robbery at a Lake Stevens home, north of Seattle, where the family had offered a TV for sale on Craigslist.

All four suspects are charged with first-degree murder, robbery and assault.

Knight appeared Wednesday in Pierce County Superior Court in tears and pleaded not guilty to all charges and was ordered held on $2 million bail.

Charlene Sanders was in court for Knight's appearance and called the whole experience "a nightmare" and told KOMO-TV, "When I saw her I started to shake."

She said earlier her 14-year-old son is recovering and both he and her 10-year-old son miss their father.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 Items You Need To Get Now

My name is Ray Gano, in my past not only did I jump out of perfectly good airplanes serving with the 82nd Airborne, I learned to eat bugs, snakes and yes even monkeys. I have also lived through several natural disasters. The biggest was the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that measured a huge 7.1. Buildings, homes, roads, and lives were destroyed. It even put a damper on the World Series, which I was disappointed because my team the SF Giants lost.

Recently with hurricanes Katrina and Rita, my wife, family and I learned some ever valuable lessons. The real eye opener is that we learned what disappeared off the shelves at the local Mega Mart when these sort of events take place.

Fast forward to today and my wife and I were sitting at Ground Zero here in Texas for what is being called the Swine Flu / Mexican Flu pandemic. 

It can’t happen to you? Think again…

In the world we live in we face dirty bombs and terrorism globally. 9-11 is proof to that. What would happen if a dirty bomb, a weapon of mass DISRUPTION, was exploded on US soil? Dick Chaney once stated that it is not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” something of this magnitude would take place.

With all of this staring us in the face, what are we doing about it?

The best time to prepare you and your family is now when you have the time; patients and clear thinking are in your favor.

This list is not totally chronological, but important things are at the top of the list and ones I would seek out first. You will need these items if and when a disaster arises. When disaster takes place, these items will also be very hard to find. The best thing to do is have these items now so that when the need arises, they are there for you and your family. 

Another point I would like to make, you should try to have extra on hand for others you care about, trade and for sale; because if you need them, so do others.

1. Water

Water, water, water!!! You can not have enough water! Also have on hand water bottles, bottled water, water jugs, 5 gallon jerry cans, canteens, ect. All these items and the water will be the first items to go. In all the disasters I have been in, water was either cut off, or in very short supply. If you hear of a disaster coming your way, clean out the bathroom tub with regular bleach as fast as possible, make sure you rinse the tub and then start filling it up with COLD WATER. If there is residue bleach, that is ok, it will help preserve the water. Duck tape the over flow hole so that you can get maximum water in the tub. Start filling jugs, canteens, bottles as fast as you can, you do not know how long the water will last. You must move as fast as possible during this time! Make this your primary focus if you are to remain in the home. Do not use hot water!!! Your hot water heater is a secondary reserve. This is why you fill everything you can with a cold water source. If you have multiple bath tubs, fill all of them. Speed is of the essence.
Now, if you are really thinking ahead, 50 gallon water barrels are good to have. You can purchase these at feed stores, farming supplies, ect. Fill them and rotate the water about every other month to every 12 months.

2. Food 

Try to keep on hand 30 + days worth of food. Large amounts of canned, dried and frozen goods are a very good idea. One of the best investments we have ever made is the vacuum food sealer, these small appliances suck the air out of bags and seals them.

This is a great way to create dried food meals, pre made meals, ect.  This also gives dried grains, beans, rice and such extra shelf life. Canned goods and dry goods are the best to keep for long term. Remember to have several hand operated can openers around. I personally keep a P-38 US Army can opener on my key chain. Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do with a P-38.

3. Battery Operated Items

Such as flashlights, lamps, radios and the extra batteries needed to keep them going. If you are able to find “crank” operated items, then get them. Keeping extra battery operated items on hand is also good when one breaks and can also be used in trade.

Here is a GREAT radio that I highly recommend. Not only does it have a lot of purposes and you can hand crank it, but it will also act as a charger and has a built in cell phone charger.
  • Emergency Hand-Crank Power Generator
  • Built-in Cell Phone Charger, Flashlight, and Emergency Siren
  • Rechargeable battery pack provides reliable, renewable, internal power for everyday use
  • Stereo headphone jack
4. Camp Fuel Operated Items

A camp stove that runs on camp fuel is a great investment. These can run on just about anything. Camping lanterns as well as the old fashion oil lamp and other items are also good to have. They even make camp ovens. Coleman Fuel, it is impossible not to stockpile too much of this stuff. What comfort these items bring is what makes or breaks surviving critical times. The thought of simple warmth is a great motivator in times of distress. Remember to get “tune up” kits for all your items to keep them running at peak performance. Example: Wicks, mantles for lamps, gaskets for stoves.

For oil lamps, make sure you have on hand lamp oil, wicks and maybe an extra chimney. If any of these items are scarce, stockpile so that you have these on hand! If you run out of lamp oil, you can move to Coleman fuel as well. Sooty, but it works.

A quick note on Coleman lanterns that utilize a mantle; although they give off great light, these mantles are very fragile. Make sure you have an excellent supply of these. You will break the mantle almost every time you move the lantern. Once you do not have any more mantles, your lamp is not very functional if at all.

Final addendum to camp fuel is also have on hand plenty of Candles, Wood, Seasoned Firewood, Charcoal & Lighter Fluid, these items too will be in short supply.

5. Barter Items

Gold and Silver Coins, the new president “gold” coins, gold & silver bullion, these are items that maintain value and barter-ability. ( Have a lot on hand so that you can use these. We do not know what shape the US economy will be in. In fact with the Mid-East war about to erupt, the intelligence agencies are saying that the US can come under an oil embargo much worse than in the 1970s. If oil is used as a weapon and the dollar is dumped in lieu of the EURO, the paper you have in your pocket may not be worth much at all.

6. Tools & Ducktape

Hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, hand drills, saws, tape measures, bow saws, axes and hatchets & Wedges (also, honing oil) Anything that one can use to build with or cut down with. Don’t forget the nails, screws and most of all DUCKTAPE. It is amazing all the things you can do and repair with DUCKTAPE. I would buy a whole case of duck tape because when you start using it, you will run out pretty fast.

7. Weapons, Hunting & Fishing Items

Guns, Ammo, Knives, Bows, Arrows and Slingshots. In fact it is a good idea to get everyone in the family a good fold up wrist rocket AKA sling shot and a solid knife. Many a squirrel have fed a family due to the sling shot and quick cleaning with the knife.

Include a good supply of fishing gear as well as snare wire and trapping items.

Pepper Spray, Clubs, Bats and other self protection items are also good to have on hand as well as multiples of each. Have enough to “arm” the entire family with at least one of each. In doing this, you can have many of these items “stored” all over and within an arms reach if needed.

The key to all of these hunting, fishing and home protection items is that if you do not  know how to use them, they are pretty much useless. So if you purchase a gun or rifle, take it to the range as well as take some lessons if you have not used a weapon before.

For Fishing, get to know the local fishing areas around your home. You would be very surprised at all the fish you would find in simple city drainage water ways. When I lived in CA, a drainage ditch was one of my secret bass fishing areas. Get to know these areas and get to know your fishing gear.

8. Camping Gear, Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Sleep Pads, Tarps, Stakes, Rope, 550 Cord (parachute cord), etc.

Pretty much anything that you may need so that you and your family can live out doors.  You may not be able to stay in your home after a disaster, so camp out in the back yard and have a “guard post” in the front.

9. First Aid Supplies & Personal First Aid Kits, Medications and Vitamins

Put together a major family first aid kit. A very large fishing tackle box or better yet a plastic bin that you are able to close and secure is even better. Remember when putting your supplies together, check any expiration dates.

If you take prescriptions, it is good to have an extra 30 day supply on hand if you are able.

10. King James Version Study Bible

If I had to grab and go and could take only one item, it would be my bible.  There is more knowledge, comfort and answers in this single book than all the supplies one could take. This is the most priceless item on this list.

NOTE: People are going to ask, why did you put this at #10 when you consider it #1?  Well it is people’s expectation. If I would put the bible at #1, no one would take it seriously and jump into the “survival” items. Here at #10, the importance of it being #1 is well understood. I also want to reinforce here that I call out a King James Version and not a NIV, NASB, or some paraphrase. The KJV has been saving souls for over 400 years. With your life on the line you will need some serious answers; the modern versions do not deliver. Believe me you will thank me on this one once we make it to heaven.

11. Family Pictures

When I went through the 1989 SF earthquake, this was one of those “I wish I thought of that” items.

So many people lost their homes and personal possessions. On top of that, they lost friends and loved ones. The idea of family photos all of a sudden become a big deal.

For those few who thought of taking family pictures, these were also a great comfort and is the second most priceless item on this list. 


Ok now that you have the basics and you understand why they are just basics. Now you can start filling in the holes. The following is a good list of items that if hard times hit, these items will become rather scarce rather quickly disappearing from the mega store shelves.

The following list is in no real order, but these are items I know that will be scarce.

I know and understand that you can become very overwhelmed with all of this. In many cases people become like “deer in the headlights” and never take the first step.

The key to eating an elephant is taking one bite at a time. That is the same thing you can do here. By taking “baby steps” you can assemble the items you need. For example, while you are shopping at mega mart, pick up one, two or even three of your items on the list. When you get home place these items in your storage area where you keep your emergency items. After a while you will have a fully stocked emergency cabinet with the supplies you need for you and your family.


Water filters and non electric purifiers

Hand-Can openers & hand egg beaters, whisks (Life savers!) If you are able to get a stash of P-38 US Army can openers, they in themselves will be good trade.

Honey/Syrups/ white, brown sugars

Vegetable oil (for cooking) (Without it food burns/must be boiled, etc.)

Grain Grinder (Non-electric)

Aluminum foil Reg. & Heavy. Duty (Great Cooking & Barter item)

Milk - Powdered & Condensed (Shake liquid every 3 to 4 months.)

Garden seeds (Non-hybrid - Heirloom) (A MUST)

Tuna Fish (in oil), jerky, dried or preserved meats (protein)
Flour, yeast & salt

Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Winter time)

Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies

Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)

Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.

Canning supplies (Jars/lids/wax)

Paper plates/cups/ utensils (stock up, folks...) Great fire starters too.

Soy sauce, vinegar, bouillon/gravy/ soup base

Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky

Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts

Chocolate/Cocoa/ Tang/Punch (water enhancers)



Wine/Liquors (for bribes, barter and medicinal, etc.)

Paraffin wax

Chewing gum/candies

Chickens / Goats – if you have the room and if regulations permit with in the city


Portable Toilets

Mini Heater head (Propane) (Without this item, propane won't heat a room.)

Propane Cylinders

Baby Supplies: Diapers, formula, ointments etc

Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry)

Vitamins (Critical, due to daily canned food diets.)

Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item.)

Feminine Hygiene/Hair care/Skin products

Thermal underwear (Tops and bottoms)

Garbage bags - Impossible not to have too many, there are a thousand and one uses.

Toilet Paper, Kleenex, paper towel

Fire extinguishers (or.. large box of Baking soda in every room...)

Men's Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc

Mosquito coils/repellent sprays/creams

Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting - if with wheels)

Laundry detergent (Liquid)

d-Con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer

Mousetraps, Ant traps, Cockroach traps, if you got creepy crawlies, get traps for them.

Shaving supplies - razors & creams, talc, after shave. A good shave can make a bad situation look good.

Reading glasses


Gasoline containers (Plastic or Metal)

Clothes pins/line/hangers – clean clothes are a moral booster

Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky, noisy target for thieves; maintenance, etc.) Nice to have around though.

Coleman's Pump Repair Kit: 1(800) 835-3278

Batteries (all furthest-out for Expiration Dates)

BIG DOGS and plenty of dog food

Matches ( "Strike Anywhere" preferred. Boxed, wooden matches will go first.) waterproof with melted paraffin

Writing paper/pads/pencils/ solar calculators

Work boots, belts, Levis & durable shirts

Flashlights/ LIGHT STICKS & torches, "No.76 Dietz" Lanterns

Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (Jot down ideas, feelings, experiences: Historic times!)

Tarps/stakes/ twine/nails/ rope/spikes

Backpacks & Duffle bags

Garden tools & supplies

Cigarettes – GREAT FOR BARTER!!! That is if you do not smoke.

Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies

Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)

Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel

Bicycles...Tires/ tubes/pumps/ chains, etc.

Sleeping bags & blankets/pillows/ mats

Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)

Board Games Cards, Dice

Baby Wipes, oils, waterless & Anti-bacterial soap (saves a lot of water)

Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.

Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)

Woolen clothing, scarves/ear- muffs/mittens

BSA - New 1998 - Boy Scout Handbook / US ARMY SURVIVAL GUIDE

Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)

Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, Hats & cotton neckerchiefs etc. (extras)

Lumber (all types)

Wagons & carts (for transport to & from open Flea markets)

Cots & Inflatable mattresses (for extra guests)

Gloves: Work/warming/ gardening, etc.

Bailing wire, 550 cord, strong rope plus the tools to cut these items.

Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws, nuts & bolts

Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

Where Do I Start? - STORAGE

Now this is not the end all to be all lists. There are probably a thousand things I am missing here, but this gives you a start. I encourage you to adapt to your needs, again this list is just a starting point.

Another thing, the best time to plan for an emergency is now. You don’t have to go out and buy everything on this list, but start now.

First thing to do is determine a place to keep all your emergency supplies. Then start working on the list. Odds are that you have a lot of these items already. Problem is that they are all over the house. In an emergency sometimes time is working against you. If you have all your items in one single place; that means you can be more effective for you and your family when the time for action is called upon.

You can also refine this list and create what is called a “Bug Out Bag” AKA  BOB. By getting a small back pack, place in it items from this list, at least the top 11 and put this in your storage area. If you have to leave in a hurry, you have these items ready. It is good that each member of the family have a BOB. If an emergency takes place, your family can quickly evacuate the area and head to safer ground.

Now you can refine even more and create a work BOB and auto BOB. Same ideas, just smaller and adapt to the needs.

Example, for your Car BOB you would put a blanket that you can place on the ground if you need to change a tire or do some auto work. In your Work BOB maybe a fire hood to protect you from an office fire and chem light sticks so you can see to escape a building.

Again, you have a better idea of your surroundings than I do. Plan ahead and try to put in place the items needed to better ensure your survivability.

For more information on what you can do or if proper Christian stewardship is important to you, visit our website and visit our PZ Stewardship area.

You can also contact us at

I leave you with the follow words from Proverbs…

Proverbs 3:5 – 7 (KJV)  Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Survival4Christians CONTEST

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Friday, May 7, 2010

PREPPER GEAR - The PZ Fire Starter Kit

Never be without the means to start a fire again. The PZ Firesteels are a special mixture of iron and cerium metals known as "ferrocerium". Our rods give off a shower of 5500 degree F sparks (3000 degrees C) when scraped by a hard angular object such as the blade of a knife. The PZ Fireteel is a very easy to use fire starter that works even when wet. Just one PZ FireSteel can make thousands of fires.
In our PZ Fire Starter Kit we include a 3 x 1/4 PZ Firesteel Rod, our special hardened steel alloy striker, my special blend of fire starting fuel and a para-cord lanyard (not-shown) to hold your PZ Firesteel and striker.
I am also including our instructional DVD teaching you how to use the PZ Firesteel to light a fast and effective fire.
Knowing that not only is it important to have fire, it is also important to carry a knife that can help you get a fire going in an emergency. That is why I am also including this 2 2/4 folder lock blade with thumb knot to help open the blade quickly with one hand. This is a 1/4 strait - 3/4 serrated blade. This knife also has a butt-end hole so you can add the knife to your lanyard. (not shown)

Order Now 
US Orders - $30.00   - International Orders - $40.00

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crisis Meltdown Greece - Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves

Crisis Deepens; Chaos Grips Greece
Greece protests: Riots erupt in Athens, 3 bank workers killed
ATHENS—Greece's fiscal crisis took a new turn to violence Wednesday when three people died in a firebomb attack amid a paralyzing national strike, while governments from Spain to the U.S. took steps to prevent the widening financial damage from hitting their own economies.
In Spain, rival political leaders came together Wednesday with an agreement that aims to shore up shaky savings banks by the end of next month. Banks in France and Germany, which are among Greece's top creditors, pledged to support a Greek bailout by continuing to lend to the country. Investors, meanwhile, are pouring money into bonds of countries seen as less exposed to the crisis, from Russia to Egypt.
Anxiety over the euro-zone economies sent the euro down to about 1.29 to the dollar, its lowest level in more than a year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell for the second straight day, losing 58.65 points, or 0.54%, to close at 10868.12.
If you have not been paying attention to what is going on in Greece, you need to be.
Because this is a foreshadow of things to come here in the US.
Here is a new acronym you need to learn. SHTF = Shcumar (crap) Hits The Fan.
Folks, many people out there have bought into the Hollywood scenario of the apocalyptic world of Mad Max and the Thunder Dome.  
When the SHTF, we are not going to resort to being Will Smith in "I am Legend" world.
You know what is going to happen?
Life will go on as soon as the main crisis slows down.
What people do not realize, it will be a completely different world from the one you used to live in.
Those who have prepared will make the transition, those who don’t will fall by the way side and become a casualty of the crisis.
Everyone is worried about EMP, or a Nuke attack and zombies. Can these things happen? Sure, well not the zombies, but the odds are pretty high to possibly not happening at all.
But the odds of a financial crisis hitting this country is very good. In fact I am going to say that it isn't a matter of "IF", it is a matter of "WHEN."
One of the greatest teachers is history.
It is a teacher we often ignore.
Scripture says…
Ecclesiastes 1:9 (KJV)  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
What we are seeing in Greece is a repeat of history. This is the same thing took place in Bolivia, Zimbabwe and in Argentina  just in the last decade.
Folks, a financial crisis is here, the masses just don’t know it yet.
It isn't zombies that you will be fighting, it will the crime, the high price of everything, sporadic water services, sporadic electricity, all the while everything is breaking down around you and nothing getting fixed or replaced.
Again looking at history and those countries that have come before us we see what will take place.
But out of all of it, it is the crime that will sooner or later be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Again history and just knowing the sin nature of man will show this to be true.
When the SHTF,  you’ll feel a real, urgent need to increase your security habits and find means of self defense.  Problem is that the million or so other people that live in your general area will have the same real urgent need.
Wanna get a gun, the shelves will be empty. That or the cost will be so high that it will be basically impossible. Those who are prepared will have already taken their personal, family and home security into consideration and have already acted. This is why I highly encourage you to get a Carry & Conceal license now. On top of that, take at least some basic fundamental classes on how to handle the weapon and even some close quarter tactics. They are out there, call your local gun shop owner and they can usually hook you up.
What about any sort of home alarm system, security system, even automatic lights. You will see the prices go through the roof. But not only because the money you are using is basically worthless, but the fact that you are now competing against the million or so masses who are looking for the same things you are. Those who are prepared have already set this up as well.
When the SHTF you will not be able to make ignorant mistakes, they will cost you in money and God forbid, possibly your life if you are too foolish.
In his book "On Killing" Lt. Col David Grossman noted that people are divided into three groups. There will be the "sheepdogs" and there will be the "sheep." The third group, they are the wolves. It is the wolves who the sheep and the sheepdogs will need to contend with.
What About a Job and Food?
Like during the great depression, people will be job hunting for months, even years. Competing for a job will become an art form of its own. Monster and the classified adds in the newspapers will be a joke. Those who are prepared will already have friends of friends, networks and abilities to help secure a much coveted job.
In fact, just getting to and from work will be an exercise in logic, tactics and nerves of steel. You will have riots, roadblocks, fires, carjacking, kidnappings, shootings and looters to contend with. That's just to name a few of the obstacles.
Grocery stores will have very limited supplies and when they do, getting in and purchasing food will be like walking the gauntlet. You will be on alert getting to and from your car with pepper spray or other means to keep the wolves at bay in hand.
Once inside you will have to contend with the prices being 200%, 300%, possibly even 700% higher.
Do you know that today it costs 32 billion Zimbabwe dollars just for a dozen eggs?
But that is not all.
The banks are going to be closed and when they do open they will limit how much you can withdrawal.
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the equivalent to our own Fed Reserve has fixed the daily withdrawal limit at Z$100 billion. Folks, that is roughly US$1.25 per day for individuals. Newsflash -  that doesn't even cover the average day to day cost of living for people. Not to mention that they are living in the world's most inflationary country on the globe today.

Want a shocker, a loaf of bread costs Z$100 billion, meat sells for Z$450 billion a pound. (about US$5.60) and a half-gallon of milk costs Z$200 billion (about US$2.50). These items are all fixed priced by the government by law too. If they weren't the cost would be astronomical.
In Zimbabwe, local shops that are open associate a fee just for using Z-dollars, and although these fees differ, most charge about 15% commission for cash.
Why? Because the hyperinflation is so bad that within 24 hours, they have lost money due to prices going up higher and higher.
Those who have prepared have protected their wealth by putting it into silver, gold, jewelry, hard based assets. They may even have other hard currencies on hand like the Swiss Francs, Chinese Yuan or other currency that has not lost value in the worlds economy.
 They in turn can trade these items in and will be able to afford food to feed the family, gas to go to work, and other day to day expenses and not have to worry to much about the bank limits set upon them.
People, you have time right now to decide who you will be. Take this opportunity so that you can prepare for this situation now.
Life will go on after the SHTF, but it will be the end of the world as you know it and be an entirely different world the next morning with new rules and new attitudes.  
Those who have prepared now will have the upper hand and be able to transition. They will have already seen the writing on the wall for a while now.  These people will be the sheepdogs
Here is what they have already done…
They have purchased food and have a well stocked pantry - they see food as an investment.
They have provided means to protect themselves, their family, their home with as many means as possible.
They have chosen to be the "sheepdog" instead of being the "sheep."
They blend into the crowd, walk with a purpose and completely alert to their surroundings before they even step outside their front door.
They prepared knowing that this situation was coming not only because they have learned from history, the bible told them also told them too.
There is nothing new under the sun.
The key is will you take the time to learn and be a sheepdog or will you ignore it and become one of the sheep.
The wolves will be out there and you will have to learn how to contend with them either way you look at it.
Take the time now and learn from Greece, Zimbabwe, Argentina and the others. It is not a matter of "IF" it is only a matter of "WHEN."

Special Thanks to Lt Col Dave Grossman for his insight and his great article On sheepdogs, Wolves and Sheep. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Q&A - What is the Shelf Life of Flour?

Hi Ray & Trayce,
Do  you know what the shelf-life is of flour, and how do you keep it from getting weevils? - Peg

Hello Peg,
This is a great question, specially for folks who are setting up their food storage.
To give you a short answer, it depends on where you store it.
You can store it in your freezer for up to 12 months
You can store it in your refrigerator for up to 6 months
Or you can store it at room temperature (your cupboards / pantry)  for  up to 3 months
Before tackling the question, I want to talk a little bit about food storage. When you store any sort of food, it is oxygen who is the enemy.  The more air you can take out of your food storage containers, the better. One of the greatest investments Tracye and I have made is our FoodSaver. The one we own is the V2420, which I think is outdated. But we love it and it still is chugging right along.  Probably today's equivalent is the FoodSaver V2240. These run about $100.00 and they are worth every penny. You do not know how much leftovers we have saved and not gone to waste because of this. This was one of the first "preparedness" products that we purchased.
I mention this product because with this you can help prevent getting those weevils in your flour and possibly even extend the food items you are storing.
If you do not have a FoodSaver, then you can also use 1 gallon Zip Lock Freezer Bags.
Don’t go cheap and get the regular 1 gallon storage bags, get the thicker freezer bags. They will prevent punctures a lot better instead of the regular bags.
Another item I want to mention are Oxygen Absorbers. These are the little packets you find in vitamin bottles, specialty chips, dried seaweed, basically anything that needs to maintain zero humidity in the package. What these packets do is "absorb" the left over oxygen in the package and helps prevent oxidization of the food product, which makes it stale and then rot.
With the FoodSaver
FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer
1 FoodSaver Bag cut to size and sealed on the bottom.
1 Oxygen absorber (optional)
1 Bag of Flour
Without the FoodSaver
1 Gallon Zip Lock Freezer Bag
1 Drink Straw
1 Oxygen absorber
1 Bag of Flour
1. Keep your flour in the packaging. This is yet another barrier to help keep your food safe and bug free.
2. Put your bag of flour into a FoodSaver bag.
3.  Add your oxygen absorber packet
4 Suck the air out and seal the bag
Once you have done this your bag of flour has a pretty dense feel to it because almost all the air has been taken out of the package.
Now that you have this, you can store it in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer.
If you do not have a FoodSaver, you can achieve something close to these results by putting your flour in  the freezer Zip Lock bag and zip it just about all the way.
Put your drink straw into the un-zipped portion of the bag and try to suck out as much air as you can. You can put your fingers around the straw and zipper opening and that will help you keep a better seal.
As you are sucking the air out and once you have gotten to the point where you are ready to seal, you need to pull the straw out while sucking and zip the bag all in one motion.
You may not get this on the first try, so do the best you can.
In today's world I have been telling people to start looking at food as an investment. The  on May 4rd, 2010 the commerce department released its Personal Consumption Expenditures Index  and guess what, food and energy prices have risen 18.7. This is compared to prices in February 2010. How many of you would like to see your mutual funds go up 18.7%? That is a good rate of return for your money.
Well, 18.7% is how much you have lost just by purchasing food in March verses in February. People need to start looking at food as an investment. Money saved is money earned. 
Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the prices are only going to go up further as we progress more into the year and even further as the years progress.
So not only is buying in bulk wise, it is also prudent of you to do so.
1 5-gallon Plastic Storage Container- this needs to be HDPE, which stands for High Density Polyethylene. If you look on the bottom of the bucket you will see the recycle symbol, a triangle of arrows surrounding the number 2.
If the bucket has this, it is food grade.
Now check what was stored in the bucket prior to storing your flour. Often dill pickles are stored in these, if you get them used. To check, just smell the bucket. You can tell what was stored usually by the smell. It might smell like maple syrup, ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, there are a lot of things. If they smell, you may want to find a different bucket because your flour may absorb some of the smell.
1 5-6-gallon mylar bag
1 2x4 approximately 12- 14 inches long
1 cotton bath towel
4-5 oxygen absorbers
6-7 whole dried bay leaves
A cheap or used standard iron for ironing clothes - if you have a FoodSaver, you can use this as well.
Bag of bulk flour
Take your bucket and make sure it is cleaned out. In the bottom of the bucket put 1 oxygen absorber and 3-4 bay leaves.
Next, open your mylar bag and put it in the bucket. Push it down to the bottom and get a good fit.
Put an oxygen absorber into the mylar bag
Add your flour to half way
Add another oxygen absorber
Fill the rest of the bag to about 3 inches from the rim of the bucket
NOTE: You should have a good amount of bag left.
Put an 1-2 oxygen absorbers on top of the flour, and close up the bag.
Make sure the bag is NOT folded but both sides of the bag can touch each other.
Wrap the 2x4 in the towel and put it across the rim of the bucket
Lay a part of the bag on the 2x4 and with the hot iron, quickly seal the bag.
Depending on how your bag is situated, you can seal 2-3 places.
Cut off any excess mylar bag
Put 1-2 more oxygen absorbers on top of the bag with 4-5 bay leaves.
Put the lid onto your bucket and seal it up tight.
On the lid or on the side tape a label telling you the contents as well as the date you sealed the flour.
If you have the room, store it in your freezer and it will keep up to a year, 6 months in your refrigerator  or 3-6 months in your pantry depending upon the temperature.
Above all, make sure you rotate your stock and eat off of your food stores. In the end you will see your grocery bill start to go down because you are not shopping as much because you have purchased in bulk.
Now you can use this same method in storing dry goods like beans, lentils, rice and wheat. These items will keep for years.
Just to make a point, wheat discovered in King Tut's tomb was still edible and able to make flour from it even after being over a thousand years old.
I hope that this has helped answer some of your food storage questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at raygano@mail (DOT) com.

Q & A - Single Woman - Gun for Protection & Hunting

Hi, Ray:
I am a single woman.  I appreciate all the info on your web site.  My question is:  if I buy a gun for personal safety and hunting I'll have to register it and, when the government outlaws guns, I'll have to relinquish it.  Wouldn't it be better to buy a small bow and arrow for hunting food and a stun gun for protection?  Perhaps you can point me to a discussion of this issue on your web site. God bless you, M

Hello M,
Very good question.
There are several things that you need to consider.
First, find out if where you live are you able to get a Carry & Conceal handgun license? If you can, that is the route I would go first.
I am one that for personal and home protection you need to get a handgun.  But on top of that, go and get your C& C as well so that you can carry it always. Now the nice thing about being a woman and having your C&C, you can carry a pretty nice weapon in your purse and you don't have a "gun signature" under your clothes. For us guys, it is a different matter, that is unless you are one of those guys who carries one those "european hand bags." 
I can hear it now..."Cute purse there buddy!"
So get a handgun first,but more on that later in this article.
I want to address your confiscation / relinquish issue.
My mind set is that if they want my guns, they are going to have to pry them from my cold dead fingers.
Second, the FBI estimates that there are over 200 million privately-owned firearms in the US.
If you add those owned by the military, law enforcement agencies and museums, there is probably about 1 gun per person in the country.
Now, if you want to get a rough idea of how many guns there are out there just look at how many people you see out there then multiply by a factor of estimated ownership.
The last best guess was about 350,000,000 to more likely 500,000,000 - that is 500 million guns out there. That would easily be 1 weapon for every man woman and child living in the US alone.
Don't forget the average gun enthusiast owns several firearms which includes pistols, shotguns, and rifles of all makes and models. It is often estimated that about 1 in 4 people that own any firearms, the average number of firearms in the home are approximately 4 guns each.
SO.. that is a lot of guns to try to take from the American public. 
What I have to ask is who in their right mind would try to disarm the entire American public? 
No one could and no one in their right mind would attempt it. 
SO are we going to lose our guns? As much as the conspiracy folks want you to believe that, it isn't going to happen. Yes there are cases such as New Orleans and such, but on a nation wide scale, the do not have the resources to take all the weapons from every American out there.
NOW.. with that said, start buying ammo now. Because what they will do is put a serious curb on the purchasing of ammo.
Here is a headline from Venezuela sept -2009
Venezuela Attempts Gun Control by Limiting Bullets
By Jeremy Morgan
Latin American Herald Tribune staff

CARACAS – Legislators at the National Assembly are set to take what appears to be a rather unorthodox approach to law and order in a society notoriously renowned for gunslinging and one of the highest per capita murder rates on the planet.

The defense committee at the legislature has been looking at a proposed reform of the 70-year-old Arms and Explosive Law, which apparently has yet to be brought into line with the Bolivarian Constitution adopted by referendum at President Hugo Ch├ívez’s behest in late 1999.
So we can see that if they are to control the guns, they will do it via the ammo. So buy lots of ammo now. Even if you do not own a weapon and are possibly thinking about it, get ammo now. Consider it a "wise investment" for down the road.
Back to What Weapon To Purchase.
I am one who believes that you first weapon should be a handgun. This is a home protection weapon and self protection.
Now, based on your question I believe you might have been thinking of some sort of rifle, shotgun or carbine.
If you are thinking long gun, the second choice would be a shotgun. It is funny, I am writing a follow-up article to the 22 article titled "why I like the shotgun."
For home and hunting, the shotgun is a great way to go. I am one who likes a "pump" shotgun.
There is just something about hearing that CLICK - CLACK of pumping a round in the chamber.
Believe me, the bad guys know that sound too and get out of Dodge quickly because they know that buck shot with there name on it is coming next.
You can also use the shotgun to hunt as well. There are a whole mix of different ammo that you can purchase for the shotgun and you can very your loads.
Assuming you can carry at least 5 in the tube. You can make your first round bird shot for close range. They will not blast through walls and if it does, they loose there velocity.
Secondly you can put a couple of "00" buck shot followed by a couple of slugs.
Here is my reasoning.
First bad guy is going to be close range, the bird shot will take him out.
The second bad guy is going to be a bit further so, buck shot will take that person out.
IF there is a third, you have another round of "00" Buck.
Then if you have the bad guy driving the car who is going to fire upon you out your front/back door, you have some slugs that will go some distance and do a lot of damage. These will go through walls and if that person is hiding behind a car door, you can possibly still get him with the slug.

Gun Recommendations
Handgun - If money is a real issue, I like the hi-point Compact 9 0 AKA - C9. This shoots a 9mm, which is a round that I love. This weapon runs around $165.00 and all the reviews I have checked into, it is a great gun. Now the gun snobs out there don't like it but it is American made and has a life time warrantee no questions asked. Something goes wrong, you send it back to the company and they fix it or give you a new weapon. Hi point also makes a .380 and 45 acp version. But I like the 9mm for being compact and good for C&C. You can use it for C&C and home protection. The grip is small and fits nicely into a woman's hand.
I am also a big fan of the Walther P22. 10 rounds of 22 hollow point in anyone and they know that they are having a bad day. This is a great weapon for C&C, small, sturdy and has a weaver rail on the front so you can mount a laser sight or flashlight. I consider this more of a personal C&C weapon verses a home protection weapon.

Now for shotguns, I like the Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag.
This is a great all around shotgun. Here you can see is the Turkey version which comes with a nice vented barrel to prevent "barrel rise" with adjustable choke and tapped out so you can put on a scope. This is great for general hunting Then when in home protection mode, you can put on a barrel that is made for slugs.
Great thing about the 835 is that there is a lot of third party accessories that you can purchase so it can be modified with a butt cuff shell holder, folding stock, bandoleer strap that holds 20 rounds of 12 gauge, front end flash lights, etc. All kinds of cool stuff.
These run about $250 - $350
Finally something to think about regarding a shotgun is the "legislative protection."
So if you are really worried about weapons being confiscated, the shotgun is looked at as a sporting arm by legislators and usually the last type of weapon to be banned or legislated against.  This is not always the case, but even in cities like Chicago it is legal to own a shotgun where handguns and large capacity magazines are completely banned.  This may be extremely helpful for the urban survivalist.
So I hope that I have answered your question here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions that I might be able to help with.

Ray - STCS

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Would You Handle The "Brass Horde"

During the age of the Mongol Empire, the Mongol armies spread across Eastern Europe and Russia raping, pillaging and basically leaving whatever was left as a waste land. These invaders were come to be known as "The Golden Horde."

Fast forward today and we remember the LA Riots, New Orleans looting, I even experienced it myself during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. During all the confusion and the aftermath instantly after the quake, masses started stealing from the shops who's windows were broken and all within an arm's reach.  It got so bad that in some areas a "shoot to kill" order was issued. The earthquake struck at approximately 5:00PM, that night turned into hell on earth in some parts of the San Francisco bay area.

The horde was released.

In the prepper community we see " the Golden Horde" as a loosely organized mass of urban refugees streaming out of the cities in search of food and shelter after a natural disaster or social / financial collapse. Like locus, this mindless mass could possibly overwhelm local defenses,  "raping and pillaging" the country suburban area and stripping it of many of its resources while destroying everything in its path.

Now this sounds bad and is a situation that would most likely take place in the movies, but in real life a situation like this does not happen… in most cases.

But to be honest I am not worried about a mindless mass of people. These people are hungry  and pretty much are acting on instinct. They are not going to be very well organized, and lack really any true leadership. Some may be armed, but not willing to really "take a bullet" when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road. 

It is the group's "mass" that gives the "horde" its power. 

Aggressively confront then divide the mass and it will quickly give up and move on to another "easier" target.

But who I am worried about are the bugged out  Rambo wanna-be's traveling in their RVs who's idea of preparedness is cases of ammo, Spam & Budweiser. 

Let me introduce to you...The Brass Horde. 

The Brass Hordes are small groups of people, probably all deer hunting buddies who go out and play paint ball on the weekends and call it survival training. Now, nothing against deer hunting and paintball, I am a hunter as well; can't say I have played paintball though. Now airsoft wars are fun, but I am digressing here.

What these folks have neglected for maintaining good health and welfare, they have made up by being obnoxiously well armed. Thing is when the Spam and Budweiser runs out,  they will turn to what they love most their guns and ammo.

These are the groups I worry about.

Here is a very interesting story, one that is real world. The author who goes by the handle "BigBear" painted a very realistic picture. 

After reading this, I want to ask you, how would you REALLY handle this situation?  

I would like for you to hear your "end to the story" comments, so please post them below. 

The Brass Horde 

The Brass Horde at least tried to prepare.  They had a plan to leave the city, some supplies and a large stockpile of weapons. Their intent was to relocate to a remote site as a group and hunt for food. The small group is made up of family and close friends occupying the trailers used to escape the city. Unfortunately their resources are limited and unwisely thought out.

At first they have good luck taking a deer and several rabbits for a stew, all looks good. But after a week or so their water rations are getting low and their expensive filter systems are useless on the frozen lake. They are able to melt some water over the fire pit and on propane stoves but this consumes critical resources. Most of their daily man hours are spent collecting and transporting ice blocks to melt for water. The meat is running low, they are exhausted.

The Horde elders decide that a couple of the women should visit a nearby cabin and ask to fill their water jugs. The established local, not wanting to seem rude, invites the ladies into the warm cabin...the aroma of fresh baked bread fills the air. Warm cinnamon rolls and hot coffee are served over light conversation next to the wood stove. The ladies fill their water jugs from the solar powered well, thanked the local and reluctantly venture back out into the cold, it was the first time they had truly been warm since leaving the city.

That evening the women huddled around the fire telling the others of their days experience. A strong north wind brought frigid temperatures and a heavy snow started around sundown...the Horde retired to their campers to weather the night.

Then the propane runs out!

The temperatures quickly plunge after the heater went out in the far north trailer of the circled compound. The father whose survival skills were honed by many hours watching the discovery channel, decided to start a small wood fire in the oven to keep him and his wife warm. The ensuing inferno consumed two of their trailers and damaged the other six as over 10,000 rounds of ammo cooked off in the conflagration.

In the blinding snow the elders huddled for warmth around the smoldering ruins of their grand scheme...they knew what had to be done. After arming themselves and securing the women folk in the remaining heated camper, the horde took off for the neighbors cabin. The howling winds of the blizzard masked their plunder as they made off with six twenty pound bottles of propane, a chainsaw and five gallons of gas. The blowing snow filled their tracks as they retreated back to the compound confident in their escape.

Unbeknown to the Brass Horde the local had witnessed the entire thing from the warmth of the bedroom after being alerted by his growling dogs. Shouldering his gun he realized that confrontation was dangerous against eight heavily armed men and there was a good change he would die if shooting started. The local also realized that this was the first of many visits by the armed bandits who, made confident by their guns, would steal what they failed to store through proper preparation.

So he….. started baking cookies.

"Good morning, I have fresh cookies and hot coffee" shouted the local from his truck as he pulled into the Horde's compound. "You all look like you could use a treat on this cold morning" he continued. The men leerily looked at each other assuming that the local man had not yet discovered the robbery and was just being a good neighbor. The local waved and yelled "God Bless You" as he drove away. Over their snacks and wicked strong coffee the Horde laughed at how easy a target this cookie baking fairy would be...

Looking through the rifle scope from his vantage point in on the hill he saw no movement...the last one fell several hours ago.

Later that evening the local man returned to the compound, collected the bodies and placed them neatly in the largest trailer. Gathering the stolen items plus the Hordes guns and abundant ammunition for barter he proceeded to pour gas in each of the remaining campers then burned everything to the ground. Cyanide in the coffee and cookies.

A heavy snow that night covered over the remains and the evident "mass suicide" was not discovered until later that springs. It was chalked up to collapse related further investigation.

My Own Thoughts

How would you have handled the group and the situation?

Remember there are no police that are going to come to the rescue.

What would you have done differently?

Now this one struck me hard. Why? Because I am a God fearing Christian who has submitted his life to the Lord.

Several verses in the Bible that come to my mind is...

1 Timothy 5:8(KJV)  But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Exodus 22:2 (KJV)  If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him.

What Do I Believe?

In the simplest terms, a believer is absolutely justified in the use of deadly force if faced with a grave threat to him or his own family or members of his own church (his extended family). Not to do so is a violation of both Jewish and Christian's reverence for life.

Deadly force does not mean that the results necessarily ends in death. It may be simply the presentation of the weapon that provides the necessary deterrent against violence on the part of the offender.

Christianity is not pacifism. There are pacifists who are Christians, but a clear reading of Scripture doesn't imply pacifism at all. We seek peace and pursue it; we earnestly prefer to avoid violence, but we don't stick our heads in the sand. We live in a world where violence is commonplace; it's been that way since the fall.

Violent people have absolutely no restraint on their behavior; a believer needs to be at least as aggressive in defending himself and others. Whatever it takes. If you have to shoot someone and drop them to the ground, that's most unfortunate, but you didn't ask to be attacked. 

Please go to the "COMMENTS" section and tell me what you thought and how you would handle it.

Finally, do you have a pit in your stomach like I did after I read that?