Friday, August 6, 2010

NEW S4C Contest - PZ FIRESTEEL KIT is The Prize

It's time again for another Survival 4 Christians Contest. 

Last time we gave away a great 4 DVD collection from Cloud Ten Productions to Denise L. It was a lot of fun and a lot of folks got involved.

This time we are giving away a PZ FIRESTEEL Kit. If you look on the right hand side, our top video you can watch the PZ FIRESTEEL IN ACTION. This is a must have for everyone who has an Every Day Carry kit (EDC). I have to also say that it is a pretty cool tool to have. Summer is still here and BBQs are still needing to be lit. Lite it with the PZ FIRESTEEL and you to can be Rambo for the day. 


Ok all kidding aside, this really happened to me.


Church Guys BBQ. I am in charge and we have everything ready except there is no fire. See we Independent Fundamental Baptists are not known to be carrying a pack of cigarettes. So no one really has the need to have a lighter or matches. 


Yep, here are about 30 -40 guys and no one has fire and guess who left his multi-tool at home which has his PZ FIRESTEEL? 


Yea... big time lesson learned. Multi-tool is now EDC with PZ FIRESTEEL attached.


Ok, enough of the stories.


How To Win


All you have to do is go to our YOU TUBE page and SUBSCRIBE to our Survival 4 Christians Channel.  


It is our goal to report on the worlds problems from a Christian perspective, but not only that, we are going to report on what you can do to better prepare for these problems with real world solutions.


So many folks out there have real concerns about what is coming down the pipe. We know Christ is returning, but to be honest we do not know when. I am one who does not believe that one day we are here, life is grand and the next day we are raptured out and all of a sudden the AC is on the scene and it is hell on earth. 


That is not realistic thinking. 


Like everything, things take time to be put in place. As things are put in place, we will see drastic changes in politics, religion, economy, generally how this world is run. 


Without going into details, it is getting tough out there and we need to know how to deal with it. 


We are not in the Tribulation, but we are on the path to it. How we navigate that path is also our decision. We can take the hard road and do nothing or we can try to do the best we can with our brains and hands God gave us and prepare for hard times.


I want to offer solid information that is helpful to every day people. That is why I have set up Survival 4 Christians.


So please go to our You Tube Page   



By subscibing you will be automatically put into the drawing for the PZ FIRESTEEL. 

The Prophezine Channel has over 600 subscribers. I would like to keep things simple and shoot for 150 for Survival 4 Christians.  BUT if we go over 600, that is even better.

By doing this you are helping us get higher on the You Tube ratings. When we are higher, more people watch us. When more people watch us it opens the doors to share the gospel and people being effected.

 Thanks for being a Prophezine supporter and supporting our new outreach, Survival 4 Christians.

In His Service,

Ray Gano
Executive Director
Prophezine / Survival 4 Christians


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