Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How To Dehydrate Peaches

Here in the Texas Hill Country it is peach season, so it is a great time to store up some for later use. In this video I walk you through the process of preparing and dehydrating peaches using the Excalibur Dehydrator.


  1. Ray, I have canned peaches but never dehydrated them. Is it OK to drop them in boiling water and then ice water to remove the skins first or would it damage them for dehydrating. (That is what I do to can them)

  2. Thanks for this I have to get mine out and use it. Love the music! too. I like Bing he plays a mean Dulcimer, I have been playing for about a year.

  3. Hey Laurie,

    Keep the skins on. There is a lot of flavor in them.

    The way to tell a good peach is by smelling it. If it does not smell like a peach, it isnt ripe and often they are grainy. A good peach smells like a peach and that is mainly due to the skin.

    ALSO... if you make these, make extra for the kids to eat. They make great snacks and are hard to keep around.

  4. Hey Mason Jar,

    If you have an iTunes account, you can get Bing's music from there. He has several CDs out and also has a You Tube channel. I play the Dulcimer also, but I have not picked it up in about a year. The song was "Rosen the Bow" and is an easy song to learn. I play by ear and picked it up pretty fast.