Sunday, June 20, 2010

ACT NOW - Cold Steel Knife Sale - 12 inch Spear Point

Hey Everyone,

I just have to let you know of a GREAT sale that is going on with Cold Steel Knife Company.
I am a big fan of Cold Steel and for the price, you get an excellent knife.
BUT... I have to tell you about the 4th of July sale they have going on with the 12 inch spear point machete.
Here is what Cold Steel says about the 12 inch spear point...
This centuries old blade style is very popular in Central and East Africa as well as parts of South America. This is because of its nearly inexhaustible, "all-around" versatility. It cuts, chops, and slashes like the best of them, plus, it possesses a sharp enough point to make it useful for piercing and performing more delicate utility jobs usually left to a smaller knife. It is available in 12 and 18-inch blade lengths and comes complete with a Cordura sheath.
The special sale has this the 12 inch spear point selling for $7.99 each!
Folks, at this price you can buy one of these for each room of your home.
Cold Steel 4th of July Sale -
Cold Steel 12 Inch Spear Point Machete -
Now you need to make a $25.00 purchase to order at these prices, so why not get several and keep them around your home or give one to a friend. I am getting a couple for us and one for my older son.
It comes with a great Cordura sheath which I would like to adapt and add some straps so I can wear it on my back handle down for quick access for camping or just walking on the ranch keeping an eye out for the rattlers.
I own the 18 inch Kukri Machete and it is a nice weapon. In fact this one sleeps right by my bed. It came "battle ready" with a nice sharp edge and a serious point!
Folks, Cold Steel is quality!
You just can't beat this price and these are great for personal home protection. Show these to a bad guy and they know you mean business.
If you get one, let me know and post here what you think about it. Take advantage of this opportunity.
Oh yea... I am not getting any comps from Cold Steel either, this is just a great sale and I would be foolish not to tell you about it.
One last thing, while you are at the website, order one of their catalogs. Not only is it a cool catalog full of knives, swords and such, but it comes with two great DVDs free "Absolute Proof Knives" and Absolute Proof Swords."  These both are double sided DVDs with a ton of cool product info, there is a lot more there than just knives and swords. You want to see Cold Steel products in action, the DVDs give it to you.
Like I said... Cold Steel is quality!


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