Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day the Dollar Died

On Sept 27th I published an article titled " How I Believe The Dollar Will Die."
Today, The National Inflation Association released a short You Tube video titled "The Day The Dollar Died."
Although they have a few minor different details, we both agree to the outcome, the death of the dollar.
Here is the latest video from NIA. Please watch this and take serious note, this is the same thing I have been preaching now for a couple years as well as the same outcome.

You can read my article "How I Believe The Dollar Will Die"  CLICK HERE  

1 comment:

  1. There are SOO many things wrong with this video there's no where to begin... no comment can be made. As somebody with an economic background looking at this, I know realize why there are so many people out there who DON'T know what's going on in our American economy... it's because they believe propaganda and special interest "statements" such as this! Americans, become educated on our economy... don't rely on the news stations or videos like this to tell you what they want you to believe... They feed off ignorance. Do your own research! EDUCATE yourselves!