Friday, July 16, 2010


You asked for it, I have compiled it and now it is here. TEOTWAWKI - The City Version!
I received many emails telling me that they can't raise goats, build a green house or know anything about solar energy and making your own bio diesel. People just wanted to know how to deal with living in the city in "The End Of The World As We Know It" (TEOTWAWKI) situation.
Well I have been working on this data DVD for over a month now. It has been hard, but it is well worth it.
To introduce to you the new data DVD, I want to mention just a few of the new 27 different folders we have on this data DVD.
Seniors - I got many emails from concerned seniors on living and surviving in a city environment. Home safety, self protection and how to do these things were a high priority. I have gathered some great information, check lists and very informative videos specifically to meet the TEOTOWAKI Senior.
Disabled - There are many PZ insiders who are physically disabled in one way or another and it was my desire to try to help them by equipping them with excellent information and videos as well. For example, disaster preparedness for a disabled person takes on a whole new meaning. This was a tough assignment but I have found some great resources, check lists and yes even videos too.
Emergency Prep - I took into consideration preparing with limited space, so I have really sought out a lot of information geared to that mindset. For example, ever think of what you can put in a five gallon bucket for storage? What about 6 day mobile resupply bag just in case you are stuck at work and can't get home. Grab & Go.. Bug Out Bag…pre-planning for emergencies?
Foraging in the city - Didn’t think it was possible? Think again. If it came down to it, could you clean a squirrel? A rabbit? What about a pigeon? There are lots of edibles in the city, but do you know where to look?
Finally a folder I want to really highlight and one I am very serious about….
Going Underground - Folks, in these days and times we are living in, we as Christians may need to go underground. But once we are underground, then what? How do we maintain secure communication, phone security, even personal camouflage and learning how to be "the grey man?" This is a reality that can take place, we need to be prepared no matter what. "On The Job Training" could literally cost you your life. Don't believe me, ask our brothers and sisters in communist China. Can you imagine what it would be like if Bibles were outlawed? What about even going to church and meeting with each other?
TEOTWAWKI - The City Version is 3.71 Gigabytes in size. 27 different folder topics, 535 different files including over 25 videos you can watch on your computer.
I am also adding for free three very special e-books and when you get this data DVD, you will realize these books alone are worth the price for TEOTWAWKI - The City Version. But you are going to have to order the data DVD to find out what those three books are.


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